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Posted by JancettNurseries on July 27, 2017


In this blog we interview some of our 2017 Little Leavers who are starting school this September.  We also talk to our nursery staff to find out how the nursery and pre-school help children with their transition to school.




Leaving a setting and starting a new one can be a daunting and unsettling experience for any child.  Practitioners should give children opportunities to talk about their concerns and to ask questions.  Often children’s fears will be around practical issues, but adults should try and understand the emotional pull for a child of leaving a key worker with whom they have had a close relationship.


If children have concerns about transition, then it is fundamental that practitioners take the time to find out what exactly what the children’s concerns are.  There will be predictable and general worries such as “where will I put my coat?” or “who will I play with if my nursery friends go to another school?”  In the Jancett nurseries and pre-schools activities such as ‘circle time sessions’ have been and are useful ways of opening up peer discussions.


Children may experience feelings of sadness and resistance before leaving nursery, particularly if they have been in a setting for a long time.  The children’s ‘All About Me’ profiles which include observations, photographs and samples of work are taken home (a memento) when the child leaves the setting and can be shown to the staff at the new setting.


The Jancett Nurseries and Pre-schools have many children leaving this summer. From September 2017 these nursery and pre-school leavers will be starting at their new schools which are in the main within the local borough (Sutton).  We have found out that Our Little Leavers are going to Bandon Hill (Woodfield and Meadowfield), Stanley Park, All Saints, Robin Hood, Victor Seymour, Muschamp, Cheam Common, Hackbridge, Culvers House and St Mary’s. Some of Our Little Leavers are going to Bond School in Mitcham and another primary school in Coulsdon.


It was truly wonderful to find out from the nursery and pre-school staff as to how they help children with the transition to school.


Ripples Pre-School

- Teaching children to sit with their legs crossed

- Teaching children their phonics

- Turning the role play are into a ‘school classroom’



-  Talk about school and new teacher and new friends



-  Setting up the role play area as a school classroom – having a selection of uniforms to dress-up in, registers, desks, paper, pencils

-  Circle time, and talking about visiting their new school and meeting their teacher



-  Visual display ‘our community’ – pictures of each new school that the children are going to

-  Children’s own drawings of their new schools



-  Encouraged ‘self-help’ skills in preparation for PE at school

-  Transformed the role play area into a ‘school classroom’ which included school uniform clothing for the children to dress up in
-  Spoke to the children about their school visits



Visiting the New School


Visiting the new school is an important element in dispelling fears of the unknown.  These visits are an opportunity for children to become familiar with the layout of the environment and some of the new routines that can initially be bewildering to young children.


The children enjoyed their visits to their new schools and this is what some of them had to say:



- My teacher is very nice and has glasses
- My teacher has long, gold hair
- My teacher is very kind
- We played with the dollies and I played with my friends from nursery
- The teacher read the Gruffalo, like in nursery
- In the garden, they had a climbing frame and bikes
- Learning new things
- Wearing my new uniform
- Playing with the bikes
- Having packed lunches


"I’m going to Bandon Hill, Meadowfield.  My teacher is a man and there’s a lady too, she has blonde hair and wears glasses so that she can see.  I enjoyed playing with the other children.  I am looking forward to starting school with my friend from nursery."

"I am going to Bandon Hill, Meadowfield.  Mrs Clues is my teacher, she has long hair and read a story to me.  My school was so big, I loved it.  I’m looking forward to the big playground."

"I am going to All Saints school.  My teacher is Miss Lady, she is big with brown hair.  I played with all the new toys and I like the new playground."

"I am going to Bandon Hill, Woodfield.  Miss Folksmith is my teacher, she’s a girl with black hair.  I played with the toys and when I go to school I want to go down the slide and jump in the tyres."



Read what Our Little Learners at Ripples had to say when they answered these questions;


“What does your new teacher look like?” – a lady with brown hair, a lady with blonde hair, a lady with black hair and glasses, a lady with long hair, a man with ginger hair, a lady and a man with the same colour hair as Vicky and a lady with blonde hair.

“What did you do when you visited your new school?” – played with numbers and sand.  I played with playdough, painting, played with my friends, played in the sand, making cakes and playing with sand, singing and played with my friends.

“What are you looking forward to when you go to your new school?” – make new friends, playing with dinosaurs, making new friends, playing, drawing and making new friends and exploring.



Leaving Nursery/Pre-school


Graduation ceremonies have now taken place in the Jancett Nurseries and Pre-schools.  Gaytime’s theme this year was a hawaiian theme and as you can see from the photos the weather was beautiful and the garden looked amazing for the special occasion.  Special thanks must go to Irani, our very own music coach who taught the children at all our nurseries and pre-schools their graduation songs.  Thank you Irani for being at our Graduation Ceremonies – we all loved hearing you play your instruments and singing with the children.












At Startel’s Graduation the children were treated to delicious ‘Gingerbread Hat’ biscuits which were made by Amanda Hewish, from Gingerbread Adventures – thank you Amanda.




Our Jancett mascot Jazzy went along to the After-Graduation tea party at Ripples and had his photo taken with some of their Little Leavers.  We love the graduation hats!


IMG_2059.jpg IMG_2060.jpg IMG_2064.jpg IMG_2065.jpg WP_20170719_10_19_36_Pro.jpg


Graduation certificates were awarded too.




Farewells and Good Luck


We end this blog by bidding a fond farewell to all our 2017 Little Leavers.  We’ve loved seeing you grow and wish you lots of happiness and may you all blossom even more in your new schools.


Come back and visit us soon – we’d love to see you, hear your school ‘news’ and see you in your smart school uniform.


Blog written by Nicky Hopper, with contributions from staff at Gaytime, Pollyanna, Jancett, Ripples and Startel.


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