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Posted by JancettNurseries on May 25, 2017


As I write this blog the sun is shining and the sky is blue - at long last the summer months are upon us! Nature Walks with your little ones is conceivable all year round BUT it's a wonderful feeling when you can leave the wellingtons and waterproofs at home and head out on a nature walk on a warm and sunny day.


Planning a nature walk in an area near your home is simple - look at maps of your local area and you may notice national parkland, nature reserves, woodlands or even a river walk that you may not have come across before. if you are a parent at our nurseries or pre-schools then you may live in the Wallington or Carshalton area. If so, why not plan a local nature walk along the Oaks Park woodland pathways or in Beddington Park along its good footpaths along the River Wandle and around the pretty lake.

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Depending on the ages of your little ones, try to be realistic about how much walking they will be happy to do. The reason for a nature walk is to get up close to nature - so spend time collecting flowers, stones and sticks and look at the birds flying in the sky. Why not play hide and seek in the park and even climb some trees. 


May is National Walking Month. National Walking Month is a campaign to promote the benefits of walking and to get everyone walking, no matter the level of fitness. Walking is simple and FREE and one of the easiest ways to be more active and become healthier. At the weekend you could take your little ones on new nature walks. Why not try Box Hill's National Play Trail - which is a two mile level walk. Box Hill is also a great place to play in the woods. 


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Tips for Walking with Young Children


- Keep children dry, warm and fed
- Keep children hydrated and cool - a spray bottle is handy
- Pack sun protection, first aid supplies, extra food / snacks
- A front sling or backpack for 0-12 month
- Cover your baby with a sun hat that covers the neck
- Trainers for young children and pack extra socks
- Pack paper and crayons so your children can draw what they see
- Carry along an inexpensive magnifying glass so your children can get up close and personal with nature, look closely at drops of rain hanging from a leaf and look closely at small wildlife such as non-poisonous spiders, worms or how an ant moves




Spotlight on Ashdown Forest - Pooh Corner


"The reason A.A Milne left his apartment in Chelsea, London, to live with his wife and young child in Hartfield was the Ashdown Forest" (


"Anyone who has read the stories knows the Forest doesn't need me to describe it. Pooh's Forest and Ashdown Forest are identical." (The Enchanted Places - Christopher Milne)




Hartfield is easily accessible by road via the A22. The journey by car from Wallington will take around 50 minutes. A nature walk in the Ashdown Forest will be truly memorable for you and your children. You will be able to visit The Poohsticks Bridge; the bridge where Pooh and his Nanny played the game of "Poohsticks". No visit to the world famous bridge would be complete without playing the game.


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You could also take a visit to the 100 Acre Wood - the fictional name for where Christopher Robin, Pooh and his friends live. In reality it is a cultivated pine plantation called 500 Hundred Acre Wood. It has a forest area around it with mixed deciduous trees including large oaks and beech trees. 


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Take the family dog along on your nature walks too!


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Enjoy a day out and explore the woodland and your dog. Take a look at Jane Eyles' 'Surrey - A Dog Walker's Guide' and you will see tested walks between Farnham and Caterham. 



And finally, let's take a look at the benefits of walking for your children


- It's a great way to stay active

- It's fun and interesting

- It's sociable - children love to walk with their friends and cousins

- Makes them feel good, calmer, happier and improves their concentration

- Promotes independence and freedom

- Helps to keep the mind and body healthy, boosts mood and self-esteem


Where will your next nature walk with your little ones take you?


Written by Nicky Hopper, Jancett Childcare (a keen walker)




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