Jancett Childcare - Where Children Come First

Mission Statement

The overall mission of this company is to provide and maintain best quality services, training, play, care and education for all users within the childcare and training environments. Furthermore; we intend to be innovative, remain up to date with knowledge and ensure that inclusion, diversity, individual needs and equality of opportunity are part of our continuous improvement vision. 



Our ambition is to lay the foundation of learning, caring and quality in children, young people and adults to enable increased knowledge, personal development and to encourage lifelong learning.



Quality - ensuring children and parents receive a high quality service. Staff are trained and supported in their roles to help provide this service and continuously reflect on their work to implement positive changes.


Nurturing - Parents know that their children are safe, secure and cared for, through a strong attachment with the staff. The staff are valued and encouraged to develop their qualifications and skills, and their wellbeing is supported


Partnership - striving for an outstanding partnership with the parents, children, staff and external professionals or agencies that are robust and initiate change for the better


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