Multi Skills & Football with our Sports Coach Nick




About Sports Coach Nick

"My name is Nick and I am the new Sports coach for the Jancett Nurseries. I have been teaching children sport for many years, working in schools all over, teaching football, basketball, cricket and multi sports. I have an HND in sport coaching and development, I have also completed lots of training along the way. I believe that physical development is very important for a child. It provides the children with abilities which they need to explore the world around them. It provides the strength to the children and then gradually physical development results in the coordination of the body.


I am looking foward to working in all the nurseries and meeting all the children.


Nick's Routine


  • Introduction: Introduce myself and what I will be doing today
  • Meet all the children in the group
  • Warm up - Play a game to warm the children up
  • Content - Activities
  • Cool down
  • Stickers and awards

Basic Sports Rules


  • Listen when Coach is talking
  • Join in with all the activities
  • Enjoy and have fun

Nick's Schedule

Nick visits our settings twice a week, 38 weeks of the year / term times only.



Music Skills 


Basic Music Rules

  • Only touch the musical instruments when asked
  • Do not play when you are meant to be listening
  • Treat the instruments with respect
  • Enjoy and have fun
Music Schedule

Our Music coach visits our settings once / twice a week, 38 weeks of the year / term times only.


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