Equipment & Toys

We believe that to give children the best possible start in life they must have the right tools with which to learn. All toys and equipment in our nurseries comply with British Standard Kitemarks which include the CE Mark, Lion Mark, and Age Rating guideline.

As far as possible, children are not allowed to play with toys that are restrictive to their age and we offer a good assortment of toys made from different materials e.g. wood, fibre, plastic etc.

Young babies are also encouraged to play with treasure baskets and heuristic play. This allows them to sort through a basket of natural objects, exploring and discovering the different properties.


We have introduced interactive whiteboards into the nurseries which are used for activities and learning including maths games and story telling. We also use pictorial planning boards to record and plan our daily routine. 


We include adult and child led activities throughout the day. 

We continue to invest in new and stimulating equipment and toys all year round and accept Vouchers for Schools which enables us to purchase further equipment and toys for our nurseries and clubs.


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