Vision Statement

The importance of the care and education of babies and young children has at last been realised in our society, yet at the Jancett Group, since 1969 the care and education of our little ones has always been of prime importance.

When babies and young children are introduced into our day nurseries, they have already developed their own unique characteristics; therefore they bring with them their own imaginative, creative and exploratory skills. These skills need to be developed if we are going to give children the opportunity to learn and succeed in life.

At Jancett, we understand the importance that, to learn about the world around them, children require the right materials to play, explore and investigate. They need to develop socially and emotionally, creating friendships and relationships with both children and adults. They also need the opportunity to develop the thought process, which promotes language and communication skills. 

To enable this to happen, toys, equipment, staff, educational frameworks and care routines need to be planned and balanced to meet the individual needs of the child.

We actively encourage applications from both men and women into the childcare and Playwork profession and are positive about equality, diversity and inclusion.